A Journal for the Study of Tradition, Place, and ‘Things Divine’

“But that wisdom which I have stated to be the chief, is the knowledge of things divine and human, which comprehends the fellowship of gods and men, and their society within themselves.”—Marcus Tullius Cicero

Online Essays

On Giving too Much to the Human

In describing the relationship between the Kingdom of God and the earthly city, the noted German theologian Karl Barth stressed the fact that, from a Protestant conception, the world, all of its structures and institutions, had been given...

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On the Rise of Public Theology: The Paradox of Schleiermacher

Herrnhut, and its original and old inhabitants must remain in a constant bond of love with all children of God belonging to the different religious persuasions—they must judge none, enter into no disputes with any, nor behave themselves...

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Orthodoxy on the Margins

Peter Augustine Lawler. American Heresies and Higher Education. St. Augustine’s Press, 2016. 224 pp.   Most contemporary assessments of higher education view the subject in technological and economic terms. The authors stand outside...

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Thoughts on a New Dark Age

Joseph Sobran. Subtracting Christianity: Essays on American Culture and Society. FGF Books, 2015. 425 pp.   “On the whole, the secularist media seem to be resigned to the election of a Catholic to the papacy” (210). This line,...

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