The Augustus Option - A Reflection by Coyle Neal
In light of the upcoming Academy of Philosophy and Letters Conference on the Benedict Option, we present the following essay on the "Augustus" option presented at the 2016 Ciceronian Society Conference
Privileges, Responsibilities and Higher Education
Education is primarily about the privilege of personal responsibility each of us has been given, and that means attending to who we are as particular beings living in a particular time and place, with irreducible and intrinsically both enjoyable and deeply demanding responsibilities as friends, parents, children, citizens, and creatures capable by nature of living in the truth.
Thomas More on the Perils of Modern Mobility
Half a millennium after its publication, More’s Utopia is astonishingly prescient regarding the dangers that mobile technologies pose to the values that we associate with tradition, home, place, and reverence for the divine.
Is History an Upward Progression?
Do the events of the past provide evidence that man has progressed ever upward toward greater technological, economic, and epistemological capacities with few or no limits?