Table of Contents


Feature Articles

  • Tradition and the Experience of Citizenship: Political Hermeneutics in Hans-Georg Gadamer, John Dewey, and Hannah Arendt
  • Citizens Who Think and Act: The Rhetorical-Political Conceptions of Isocrates, Cicero, and Quintilian
  • Friendship and Politics in No Country for Old Men, Gran Torino, and Up
  • Harry Jaffa’s Egalitarian Natural Law

Historical Authors and Neglected Books

  • Fathers and Sons: The Principle of Love in Turgenev’s Liberalism

Book Reviews

  • Michael Oakeshott’s Democratic Voice Review Essay of Michael Minch’s The Democratic Theory of Michael Oakeshott
  • Subjectivity, Transcendence, and the “Crisis of Modernity” Lee Trepanier and Steven F. McGuire’s Eric Voegelin and the Continental Tradition: Explorations in Modern Political Thought
  • Bring Back the Tribunes, But Not Republican Virtue John McCormick’s Machiavellian Democracy
  • American Religion and the Pepsi Challenge Robert Putnam and David E. Campbell’s American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us