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  • Aspirations, Procedures, and Ideologies: Varieties of American Constitutionalism

                    by Kenneth B. MacIntyre

  • The Limits of Negative Liberty: John Paul II’s Augustinian Anthropology and The Austrian School of Economics

                    by Andrew Cuff and Joshua Harris               

  • The Moral Foundations of Political Trust: Thucydides’ Pericles and the Limits of Enlightened Statecraft 

                    by Paul J. Diduch, Travis Hadley

  • ‘I am Doing a Great Work, So That I Cannot Come Down’: The American Nehemiad and the “Great Work of Religion” in the Early Republic”

                    by James M. Patterson           

  • Naming God’s Language: Theological Implications of the Use of Acrostic as a Structural Device in Some Proverbs and Psalms

                    by Nathan Lefler

  • The Epic Cosmos in Rural Kentucky: Wendell Berry’s Hannah Coulter as a Modern Epic

                    by Sean Gordan Lewis


  • Plato’s Theological Entanglements: A Review of  Plato’s Gods by Gerd Van Riel  

                    by Robert A. Ballingall

  • Reason, Revelation and the American Founding: A Review of The Religious Beliefs of the America’s Founders by Gregg L. Frazer

                    by Stephen Wolfe

  • Getting Burke Right: A Review of Patriotism and Public Spirit by Ian Crowe

                    by H. Lee Cheek, Jr.