Table of Contents

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  • The Prophetic Tradition in a Secular Age: Thomas Carlyle and Christopher Lasch
    • by Alan Baily


  • The Meaning of Virgil’s Longer Repeated Passages in the Aeneid
    • by John Kohl


  • Triumph of a Theoretic: The Uses of Philip Rieff
    • by Aaron Weinacht


  • Noir Enemy, the State: A Libertarian Reading of the State and Politics in Raymond Chandler’s Novels
    • by William Batchelder



  • The Ground on Which We Stand: Rereading Wolterstorff’s Justice through the Territorial Lens of Israel’s Covenant
    • by Nicholas R. Brown


  • A Review of American Georgics: Writings on Farming, Culture, and the Land
    • by Joshua Bowman


  • A Review of Rethinking the Teaching of American History
    • by Luke Sheahan


  • A Review of Richard Gamble’s In Search of the City on a Hill
    • by Justin B. Litke


  • A Review of Nicolas Lombardo’s The Logic of Desire: Aquinas on Emotion
    • by Allison Postell