Anamnesis No. 6

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Feature Articles

  • “The Ambiguities of Justice in War”

By David Corey

  • “The Solitary Lover: Rousseau’s Fear of Love”

By Nathanael Blake

  • “A Fallibilist Conservatism”

By Seth Vannata

  • “The Beginning of Something”: Wise Blood, Saint Augustine, and Catholic Comedy

By Jason Peters

  • “Voegelin’s Debt to Augustine: The Mortgage of the City of God”

By David Beer


Book Reviews

  • The Political Importance of Glamour: Review of The Power of Glamour

By Luke Sheahan

  • Subjectivity in Conversation: Review of Subjectivity: Ancient and Modern

By John von Heyking

  • The Open Society and the Primacy of Negative Liberty: Review of The Tyranny of the Ideal

By Kenneth B. McIntyre

  • The Ties that Bound in Early America: Review of The Making of Tocqueville’s America

By Phillip Sasser